Year 2 Christmas Concert

18 декабря 2018
Today was the Year 2 Christmas Concert. Everyone gathered in the big primary hall, eagerly awaiting for A Magical Scientific Christmas.

The play starts in the classroom - where passionate science teacher Miss Elizaveta believes that science has the answer for everything. However, she is left stumped when one inquisitive student asks "How does Santa Claus deliver the presents to all the boys and girls?". The Primakov students take the initiative to find out for themselves, by visiting science museums across Moscow until they discover the answer they've been craving.

After learning interesting facts and listening to catchy songs in the Museum of Human Living Systems, the Museum of Cosmonauts, and the Museum of Christmas Tree Decorations, the children are finally explained by a well-informed guide that even science doesn't have an answer to the age-old question. They find out that Santa Claus in fact delivers presents by magic! After a flash mob to It's A Kind Of Magic, the children sang traditional Christmas tunes in English: We Wish You A Merry Christmas and Jingle Bells. The play culminated with the Russian song Новогодняя Считалочка and a festive round of applause followed.

We would like to thank you for all your help in learning the words, the songs, the dances, and the costumes. We hope you enjoyed our Christmas Concert for 2018 as much as the children did performing it for you, and hope that are already looking forward to our Summer Concert in 2019. Happy New Year!